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Bitter Melon is 100% natural, clean, environmentally friendly dietary food supplement made with 99.9% bitter melon. The Bitter Melon® contains glycoprotein lectin which, similarly to insulin, decreases the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Bitter Melon food supplement

SKU: 0002
  • ''Bitter Melon'' is 100% natural, clean, environmentally friendly, food supplement. There are greenish-brown color with a distinctive aroma and flavor. Bitter melon containing glycoprotein lectin which has an activity similar to insulin - reduces the concentration of glucose in the blood. It also acts as an immunomodulator by increases immune cell function in people suffering from cancer and HIV infection.


    ''Bitter Melon'' contain's active substances with antidiabetic activity, such as carnitine, vicin, polypeptide-p, and a lectin type, which reduces the concentration of glucose by the action of the peripheral tissue, and reduce the appetite (similar to the action of insulin on the brain ). In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, bitter melon is used because of its effect on different types of bacteria and viruses. Is used as the prevention of tumors and is used to reduce blood pressure.


    Packaging is in glass jars of 210 ml.


    It recommends consuming "Bitter Melon" twice a day one teaspoon. Not recommended consuming Bitter Melon during pregnancy and lactation.

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